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CARS Signs Agreement with Beijing Municipal Government for Development of “Innovative Park for Tract Transport Industry”

March 28 saw the kickoff and agreement signing ceremony for the fourth phase of developments for Zhongguancun Science City in Beijing. Zhao Fengtong, executive member of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee joined the deal signing ceremony and inaugurated the fourth batch of development projects. Wang Junli, CPC chief of CARS and Dai Wei, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, inked the Agreement for Beijing Municipal Government to Support the development of the Innovative Park for Tract Transport Industry by CARS.

As one of the major moves employed by the Beijing municipal government to materialize the state demonstration zone for proprietary innovation as approved by the State Council, Zhongguancun Science City is the hub of the core area of Zhongguancun. It is centered around Zhongguancun Street, Zhichun Road and Xueyuan Road. Main objective of the Science City is to fully utilize the existing land resources and space through resource exploitation/transaction and innovations in urban planning and management while leveraging the local creative resources at the scientific research institutions and higher learning entities, thus further augmenting the driving role of the nation’s strategic new industrial powerhouse. In order to facilitate development of the Science City, the city of Beijing has rolled out a series of favorable policies and supporting directives to encourage scientific/technological innovations and fruition of research findings.

The conception of the Innovative Park for Tract Transport Industry by CARS is an attempt to tap the supporting policies for the state demo zone for proprietary innovation and the Zhongguancun Science City, whilst the aim is to further improve the industrial servicing portfolio of CARS, expand the spectrum of scientific and technological innovations, and focus on the development of core industry. Featuring scientific and technological innovations, and industrialization of railway and urban tract transit as its characteristics, the innovative park is to be headquartered in Beijing; more specifically, in the city’s eastern suburbs of Yongfeng, Changping, Huairou, and Fengtai. There is also a southern China facility located in Shenzhen. Top priority of the park is to incubate, assemble and develop tract-based upscale machinery manufacturing, new generation information technology, new materials, energy efficiency and environmental protection and modern urban tract transportation among other new strategic sectors; and churn out industry leading know-how and top-rate products. Development of the Innovative Park for Tract Transport Industry represents major strategic significance in CARS’ efforts to better the orchestration of spatial resources, jumpstart potentials for knowledge industrialization and materialize sustainable growth.